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Automotive smash repair specialists

Panel Beating

Spray Painting

Stone chip repair

Windscreen replacement

Air conditioning service


Paintless Dint Repair (PDR)




DHS is constantly moving forward and is always equipped with the latest technologies. This ensures a quality product and excellent customer service.

Glasurit Waterborne Paint

The best system on the current market, results in the best quality finish.

Infrared Lights

Is the latest technology in paint drying. Faster drying time provides a better quality finish.

Mobile Quoting*

Wireless quoting means we can come to you for quote in the event the car can’t be moved or you can’t get to us.

Paperless Office

Everything is digital and/or electronic including a sophisticated scheduling system. This ensures efficiency and minimizes customer wait times.

*Charges may apply


Two Hands Café

The “Two Hands Café” is located just next door to DHS. Customers can choose from beverages such as cappuccinos, flat whites, long blacks, lattés, etc. The café is owned and run by David Hand’s son and has an excellent menu including daily specials.